Affordable Solutions to Disinfect, Sanitize, and Deodorize

Finding the ideal sanitizating, deodorizing, or cleaning solution for your business and home can be stressful and time-consuming. We don’t want you to waste time with products that will consume all your time scrubbing down every surface with acrid chemicals or only act as a temporary fix like masking an odour, only for it to resurface again later.

At CleanWorld, we help people across Canada eliminate viruses, kill bacteria, destroy odours, do away with mold, remove mildew, and reduce allergens. We are your Canadian source for affordable, green and easy-to-use odor removal and sanitation products that will keep you and your customers feeling fresh, safe, and healthy. 

Our high-quality air purifiers, ozone generators, deodorizers and ozone water sanitizing and cleaning products are effective for use in businesses, schools, daycares, clinics, gyms, and homes. Using ozone, you can ensure that not only will odors be eliminated, but also that this natural sanitizer will reach into every nook and cranny for a perfect clean! 

You deserve a safe and healthy place to work and live. CleanWorld can help.

CleanWorld by Ecosuds

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