Ozone Water Sanitizing and Cleaning

One EnozoPro will save you over $14,000
in Sanitizing Solution

Create your own sanitizing, cleaning, and deodorizing solutions at home with these portable aqueous ozone generators. At the pull of a trigger generate ozone water that cleans contaminants while leaving no residues and being eco-friendly.

Solutions Both Big and Small

 Cut down on buying expensive and unsustainable sanitizing chemicals; the EnozoPRO enables you to make your own simply by using tap water and the cleansing power of ozone! All with no harsh chemicals, no residues, and no synthetic fragrances added.

For large-volume applications, EnozoWASH is the best solution. It is an industrial water ozone generator that adapts to fit garden hoses, backpack sprayers and other water sources. Generating ozonated water on-demand, it kills 99-99.9% of germs, fungi, mildew, and 95% of mold with a single pull of the trigger.