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Never use toxic chemicals to clean and sanitize again!

Never run out of cleaning & sanitizing spray again!

As seen on the Ellen Show

The O3 Waterworks spray bottle (also known as Enozo Home) instantly transforms plain tap water into a powerful cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing solution.

Simply fill the 03 Waterworks Spray Bottle with plain tap water and pull the trigger. 

The 03 Waterworks uses water and electricity to create totally safe ozone water on demand.

Ozone water generated by the 03 Waterworks bottle kills germs, bacteria, molds, and other nasty microorganisms in just 30 seconds then reverts to plain tap water leaving no residue behind.

Unlike ozone in the air, ozone in water is considered safe and is used on an industrial scale in food processing and water treatment plants around the world. The water you are drinking and the food you eat every day has been made safer to consume with ozonated water. Now you can have that same technology protecting your health at home, at work, at school, on the road, or even at the gym.

 * The 03 waterworks spray bottle will last for 500-600 refills. For most that is about 5 years of heavy use. How much would it cost you to buy 500 bottles of (often toxic) cleaning and sanitizing products over the next 5 years?

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