Greentech ARC Air Purifiers Keeping Students and Teachers Healthy at School

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 Back to School Air Purifiers for Schools and School Busses

From The Navasota Examiner. December 2020

Navasota Independent School District Board of Trustees unanimously approved the purchase of air purifiers totaling $201,563 that will be used throughout the campus and on busses.

NISD Assistant Superintendent of Operations Dr. Ronnie Gonzalez said $160,993 will be used to purchase air purifiers for classrooms, instructional areas, nurse’s stations, cafeterias, kitchens, libraries, gyms, locker rooms, and offices throughout the district. He also stated the amount of $40,570 will be used to purchase air purifiers for school busses in the district. According to Gonzalez each bus will require two air purifiers.

“Using advanced technologies including active radiant catalysis (ARC), activated oxygen, and ionization, these air purifiers will help us combat bacteria, viruses, odors, pollen, mold, allergens, and dust in our schools,” stated Gonzalez. “We view this implementation as an additional step in helping keep our students, staff, and community healthy and safe.”

Gonzalez said NISD has been working closely with Grimes County officials including Grimes County Judge Joe Fauth and Pct. 3 Commissioner Barbara Walker to see if the purchase of the air purifiers can be reimbursed as part of the Coronavirus Relief Fund.

“After completing these purchases at the district level, we will submit these invoices for reimbursement to Grimes County officials as a Public Health expense under the Coronavirus Relief Fund guidelines. The county auditor will then forward these invoices to the state for approval and reimbursement to the county, and finally to the district, from the Coronavirus Relief Fund,” explained Gonzalez. “We appreciate the assistance being offered by Judge Fauth and our Grimes County officials, and the support from our School Board for approving this purchase, helping keep our students, staff, and community healthy.”

According to Gonzalez the district could begin receiving the air purifiers within the next 3-4 weeks.

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