Jenesco FM-14 - Ozone Generator

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Best Ozone Output for Your Money

The FM-14 only has one output mode: on. If high output for shocking a room is what you need, the FM-14 is a great choice for its price. Simply ensure that no people or pets are in the area while it is running, turn it on, and let its 4000 mgph (milligrams per hour) of ozone output blast away those nasty pollutants.

Designed for Professionals

The FM-14’s high output gets the job done quickly and thoroughly! These slim ozone generators are designed for use in commercial applications and wherever high ozone output is needed to neutralize stubborn odours, or fight mould and mildew. Auto detailers have reported their ozone generators have paid for themselves in the first week or two. The FM-14;

  • Is the professional choice for use in automobiles, limousines, buses, recreational vehicles, rental cars, vans, and boats.
  • Deodorizes automobiles and vehicles in as little as 15 to 20 minutes

A quick ozone shock treatment of a vacant rental can be a real cost-saver. It can turn a smoking room into a non-smoking room, and permanently eliminate food, painting and pet odors. Excellent for use in;

  • Hotel and motel rooms
  • Apartments
  • Airbnb’s
  • Extended-stay facilities. 

Easy Upkeep - Highly Durable

It uses 4 laser cut silicone composite ozone plates with stainless steel grids, not mica, to produce the maximum ozone output using ambient air as the source gas. They can easily be removed for cleaning, by merely removing a single thumb screw.

The FM-1 uses 3.5 x 5.5 inch easily replaceable plates as well as type 2 input filters. We make our own ozone plates and replacements are available for $39.95 for a set of two.

The housing is made completely from stainless steel for maximum durability. 

Jenesco FM-14 Specifications

Dimensions  8" x 10". x 5.5" high
Weight 8 lbs.
Ozone output
 4000 mgph (milligrams per hour), measured using normal air under 60% humidity
If oxygen is used as the source gas, the ozone output is up to 20,000 mgph
Coverage Up to 6000 sq. ft. for odors and 1000 sq. ft. for mould
Uses 4 laser-cut ceramic plates with stainless steel grids
Stainless steel housing for maximum durability
Electrical 120 V AC, 40 watts, 3 Amp Fused
Warranty 2 Year parts and labour warranty

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