Replacement Desiccant Dryer Cartridge for Greentech pureWash Pro X2

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Desiccant Dryer Cartridge for Greentech pureWash Pro X2

pureWash Pro X2 produces the maximum amount of activated oxygen when the air it uses is dry, so it's important to replace your desiccant dryer cartridge whenever the beads change color from blue to pink.

Typically you can expect to do this about once a year, however if your laundry room is exposed has a high level of humidity in the air, you might need to replace it more often. Regularly check the window on the left side of your pureWash Pro X2 and order a new cartridge when it turns light purple. Many of our customers purchase a spare to keep on hand so that they know their pureWash Pro X2 will always be working at maximum effectiveness.


Desiccant Dryer Cartridge Replacement Instructions

  1. Remove the door/tray on the left side of the unit by squeezing the two slides together and pulling the dryer assembly out.
  2. Use a small flathead screwdriver or other thin and stiff bladed tool to depress the locking tab on the inside of the desiccant dryer door under the cartridge.
  3. Continue holding the locking tab down and slide the desiccant dryer cartridge upward to remove it from the desiccant dryer door.
  4. Install a new cartridge filled with blue beads on the desiccant dryer door.
  5. Ensure that the small gasket is in place on the outlet of the cartridge and reinstall the desiccant dryer door into the pureWash Pro X2.

Download the Installation Instruction Sheet by Clicking Here

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