5 Simple Ways to Reduce the Risk of COVID19 at your Workplace

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Warehouse workers staying safe during COVID19 with Cleanworld Technologies

Nothing will shut your business down faster these days than an outbreak of COVID19. How can you reduce the risk to your staff, guests, and income?

According to Health Canada, SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID19 is spread thought respiratory droplets. Here are 5 ways you can reduce the chance of those respiratory droplets infecting you, your staff, and your visitors:

1 – It has been said many, many times, but it is worth repeating again. Make sure everyone entering your workplace, and everyone working in your space is wearing a face mask. With the new variants now here, there is a greater chance of contracting the virus, so keep those masks on at all times.

2 – Clean your surfaces with a sanitizing/disinfecting solution that is proven to kill the virus that causes COVID19. Most importantly, read the label and follow the directions. Some products require a dwell time as long as 10 minutes to kill the virus, while others only need 30 seconds. If you are spraying then immediately wiping off the solution, you may as well be using plain water. Check out our Selectrocide Hospital Grade Disinfectant and EnozoPro Aqueous Ozone Cleaning and Sanitizing system to learn more.

3 – Good ventilation is important, but if you cannot add more ventilation, be sure to install high quality air purification technology that can filter out or kill particles as small as viruses. Air filters with HEPA filters are recommended but if you are using a passive air filter (the air must pass through it) there will be areas that remain untreated. Your surfaces will be unaffected by passive air filter technologies so they can still transmit the virus. Active Air purification technologies like those made by GreenTech Environmental emit virus and microbe reducing particles. Those particles travel everywhere in your space, treating both your air and all your surfaces. Portable systems and systems that can be installed in your HVAC system will help keep everyone healthy.

4 – I know you have seen it. People leaving the washroom without washing their hands. Yuck! People have grown complacent over the last year and many are either just giving their hands and quick rinse, or not washing them at all. Yes, you still need to wash your hands and wash them often. Hand sanitizer works, but not as well as washing your hands. The rule of thumb is to count to twenty or sing “Happy Birthday” twice while washing your hands. Do not touch your face or eat anything until your hands are thoroughly washed.

5 – Finally, at lunch or break time, make sure everyone is well separated when they remove their masks to eat or drink. Your team members must be a minimum of 6 feet apart whenever masks are removed (farther apart is even better). Having staff head outside to eat in their cars or on a lawn chair is another good way to stay safer. If you want to further reduce the risk of contracting the virus, you can consider investing in Wearable Air Purifiers . These little air purifiers are worn like a necklace and provide a four foot breathing bubble for an extra level of protection while eating and drinking.

Following these five steps, along with the rules and directions that are recommended by your local, provincial, and federal health authorities will reduce the odds that anyone will contract COVID19, or any other illness, at your business. After COVID19 is behind us, you will notice the added benefit of reduced sick leave costs and a happier, healthier team that knows you care about them and their wellbeing.

Phil Shames is the Chief Germ Slayer and Senior Uglyologist with Ecosuds Inc. Phil has been helping people create healthier spaces to live, work , learn, and play for more than a decade. Contact phil at phil@ecosuds.ca or 1-866-340-9939. Visit Cleanworld.ca and GermFree.ca to learn more


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