OdorXit Magic 8 Oz Spray - Natural Odor Neutralizer

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Magic by OdorXit is a non-staining and non-toxic neutralizer that absorbs hard to control odours on contact, leaving the air smelling fresh and clean.

Perfect for eliminating common odours:

  • Food odours
  • Body odours
  • Pet odours (urine, feces)
  • Smoke odours

Long-Lasting Odour Reduction

Applying OdorXit Magic Spray directly to the source of the odour produces the best results. However, since it reduces odours by chemically reducing gasses in the air, OdorXit Magic Spray can also be deployed in the general area of odours to reduce foul smells. 

OdorXit Magic Spray is fast-acting and long-lasting, yet not a permanent solution to odour elimination. Occasional reapplication of the product will extend the neutralization of odours indefinitely. Great for reducing an odour from carpets while waiting to give it a deeper clean.

Green and Clean

This product contains no bacteria, enzymes, volatile solvents, perfumes, or masking agents. It is made out of biodegradable essential extracts that are all-natural and safe to use on or around children or pets.

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